Coaching You to a Healthy Cycle

Monthly coaching (30days)

What does this include?


  • Fully personalised and completely tailored plan of attack (based on your goals).

  • Daily exercise schedule and workout plan.

  • Stretch education and customised plan and/or yoga.

  • Exercise guidance and tutorials.

  • Nutritional support and fully customised diet plan (if required).

  • Supplement advice and guidance.

  • Sleep management tool kit.

  • Stress reduction techniques.

  • Once per week 60 minute skype call with me where we cover absolutely everything.

  • 24/7 Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp.

I really, really look forward to working with you, this is a completely private interaction with me. It will be a zero-judgement zone and only a place of full support, guidance and motivation.


Claire Falconer