5 keys to lasting results

November 23, 2017

Watch the video below!!! 


So over the last 10 years working with 100’s of different people from all nationalities, differing goals, differing attitudes and people from all walks of life, the most common question I get from all clients is how do I stay in shape always, or what’s the best way I can get into shape for this event in one week? And the classic is: ‘Once I stop exercising and dieting I always gain weight back again, how can you make me stop doing that?’ Really, people actually say this to me! They honestly think that eating well and exercising for one month and then go back to eating McDonalds and pizza but keep the weight off and stay looking great will work long term!!


In my experience there is only one key to success and that is consistency!!! For long term wellness, fitness and just overall being in your best shape always there is one key and its simple….be consistent!! Consistency, Lifestyle change and of course some damn good advice along the way, and you will be permanently in the best shape of your life from inside out. No need for some crazy diet or yoyo weight loss plans.


I do think everybody knows the answer, It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that its all a pretty easy solution to it all. However now days getting the right information and the will power to do so can be increasingly hard.  


I believe that being consistent and changing your overall lifestyle for good falls under 5 main pillars, I share them in this video.


I can guarantee that you will learn something important from this video.


I hope you enjoy. 






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