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November 14, 2017





So guess what I have joined the rest of the world and yes I have decided to start a blog.  


I tend to get inundated with so many amazing messages from the loveliest people asking me all sorts of questions,  so now I will be finally sharing a platform for you to find all sorts of answers. I will be sharing all things travel, adventure, small trips, Nutrition, health, living your lifestyle and of course fitness.


I am no writer, I am no journalist, I am far from a perfectionist and I barely even proofread what I write. So please expect F@CK loads of spelling/grammar mistakes and a fair bit of swearing. If you are one of these ‘ocd’ types that cant handle all of the above (I’m looking at you Luke!) then please look elsewhere for info. 


I get highly excited very easily, especially about holidays, nature and animals. So often you may think I need to calm the F down. 


What I can promise is that I will provide 100 percent real info, I will only share info that I honestly believe and I will try to answer everything to my best ability. I will provide Videos as well as written blogs.


If you have any questions at all, or blog posts you want to see in the future please DM me or comment below and I would love to hear from you and any suggestions you want to hear. 


Love Claire 


Heres a little workout video from the beautiful Kandolhu Maldives. 







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